A few lines about me and this blog

With 5 years of experience in web communication, including 3 years in office, I assists companies in integrating social media into their communications strategies.

Since 2011, I also advises companies in the integration of innovative technologies within their communication device. for best results, but above all for a better customer experience ..

The success in communication happens increasingly by experiential marketing and new technologies. I therefore attach great importance to innovation, creativity, as well as the user experience.

For me, professional, the goal is twofold: to identify the technologies that will serve tomorrow’s communication and provide innovative communication ideas to my customers.

I created this blog to share my view of the ongoing technological revolution, and the potential that I see. Throughout my publications, you also find tickets for other blogs (French or English) highlighting innovative uses.

Participation in major events

Asked to take part in events related to entrepreneurship in the field of innovation, I recently organized the seventh Barcamp Alsace and hosted in December the first trinational Crossroads of the Possible (Germany, France, Switzerland), with the CCI Sud Alsace in Mulhouse.