Can My Car Pass Smog Check?

You can do to give it a better chance of passing before you take your car in for a smog check, is there anything? The most obvious response is to make sure your vehicle is operating smoothly into the place that is first. a car that is well-maintained along with its systems running precisely, will likely pass the smog test. In the event that  you believe your car is not working at 100 percent  you would you like to steer clear of the high priced repair works that might be required if you fail, there are simple steps you’ll try tilt the chances of passing a smog check to your benefit. Here you can find the top tips from our specialists to get ready your car or truck for the smog check:

  1. Clear that Check Engine light.

When your car displays a Check Engine light, this is an automatic smog check breakdown. You will need certainly to obtain a analysis and fix before you test.

The necessary reason which is common Check-Engine-light is a out of order oxygen-sensor, says Kristin-Brocoff, manager of business communications for, which offers an automotive tool that is diagnostic provides repair information. Occasionally, even before an air sensor fails, it becomes lazy, not properly managing the gas/air mixture, which will create a smog check failure, Mazor says.

An oxygen sensor in an older automobile is just a $168 component, relating to CarMD data. Replacing this can be a idea that is good. Ignoring it may result in a more pricey converter that is catalytic, that could price significantly more than $1,000.

  1. Drive the car at high-way-rates for the 14 days before the smog check in Santee, this gets the catalytic-converter hot as much as necessary to burn completely any oil and gasoline deposits. The converter that is catalytic mandated by federal legislation in 1974 for many U.S. vehicles converts harmful toxins into less harmful emissions before they leave the exhaust system. The worst thing for the proper procedure of emissions methods is a variety of short trips: The catalytic converter never ever gets hot adequate to do its work, Mazor states.
  2. Change the oil, but only when it needs it. Dirty oil when you look at the crankcase could release pollutants that are additional which could cause the vehicle to fail the smog test, claims American. Whilst the mechanic is evolving the oil, ask him to accomplish a artistic inspection for the car’s engine to see if any hoses tend to be cracked, damaged or disconnected.
  3. Execute a tune-up a couple of weeks ahead of the smog test. Have any needed maintenance done well before the smog test. Many mechanics disconnect the battery while carrying out a tune-up and also this resets the car’s onboard computer. The vehicle then needs two weeks of operating to operate most of the tests that are diagnostic to pass the smog test.
  4. Make certain the tires are precisely inflated. Numerous states demand a dynamometer test, which positions the car’s tires on rollers that allow the engine to operate at large rates even though it is stationary. If the tires are under-inflated, the car’s engine works harder to attain the engine revolutions needed by the test.
  5. Always check coolant and gasoline amounts prior to the test. Since the test operates the automobile at high-speed even though it is fixed, less environment moves through the radiator to cool off it. So remember to fill your coolant tank precisely. Additionally, the motor automobile are going to be for a dynamometer, perhaps at a direction. If gas is low in the tank, this could reveal the fuel pump and put vapor when you look at the fuel line, causing the car to fail the test.
  6. Get a pre-inspection. In some ways, smog check programs can a more economical pre-inspection that shows in cases where a vehicle Can pass or fail without officially recording the outcome utilizing the state’s registry of motor vehicles.
  7. Avoid rainy days. There was disagreement about this recommendation. Some says that damp tires can slip on the dynamometer and provide a false reading that may cause smog check failure. Nonetheless, We says the warm-up period for the test Can most likely dry from the tires. Moreover, additional moisture during rainy time’s outcomes in reduced emissions of some toxins.


  1. Use a fuel additive. Older vehicles could have blocked gas injectors, causing all of them to perform lean. An additive such as Techron could cleanse the openings that are small assist the car passes the smog test, he says. We think this really is unnecessary in California, nonetheless, considering that the gas sold into the ongoing state is the “best in the field” and loaded with additives that may keep the engine clean.

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Urgent Care or Emergency Room for Pediatric Care

With all the start of cool and flu season come fevers, coughs, sore throats and upset stomachs. It can be regarding when disorders happen at or on weekends and fall outside of normal physician office hour’s night. How will you understand what warrants a-trip to an immediate pediatric care, a visit to an Emergency Room or what can possibly wait until Monday whenever your physician’s office resumes regular office hours? There are lots of grey places that need the discretion or gut sense of the moms and dad, however some circumstances warrant a visit up to a Pediatric Urgent Care or a day at the Emergency Room.

Visiting a Pediatric Urgent Care

Cool Symptoms

Should your child has a fever along with cool symptoms, it might probably justify a visit to the urgent treatment, especially before you can see your primary care doctor if it will be a day or two.

Sore Throat In the event that you youngster is suffering from a sore throat with or without white patches, a Pediatric Urgent Care can diagnose a potential strep infection and give your youngster a head start on antibiotic drug therapy.

Pink Eye if you suspect your child may have pink-eye, a Pediatric Urgent Care could be a good option for diagnosis and therapy.

Acute Ear Pain This could suggest an ear disease and will be evaluated at an Urgent Care location.

Extreme Allergies

Allergy signs may cause respiration problems, severe wheezing or coughing and that can be assessed and treated at a Pediatric Urgent Care.

Going to an Emergency Room

Infant Fevers

He or she should be taken to an Emergency Room for evaluation as soon as possible if you have an infant that is under two months old and has a fever. Whereas a toddler or small kid with a temperature can be assessed in a Pediatric Urgent Care.

Broken Bones

Broken bones in kids are complex since they are hardly ever a break that is clean. A Pediatric Urgent Care is only equipped to carry out the most standard cases. In this situation, it is advisable to visit an Emergency Room for therapy.

Mind Injuries

If the kid has received a blow to your mind and manages to lose awareness for almost any time frame, you need to visit an Emergency Room instantly in the place of taking your son or daughter up to a Pediatric Urgent Care.

Any indication of seizure warrants a-trip to an Emergency Room.

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Make Your Nail Salon Bridal Shower Ready


A greater focus of attention is on a woman’s wedding day on no other day is nails greater. Once the bride holds her bridal bouquet, when her betrothed looks into her eyes and slips the marriage band on her finger cameras mouse click and flash in all directions and all sorts of lenses are focused on the arms of the bride.

Brides-to-be also want to be sure that their nails have never seemed better for this really day that is special. This celebration is normally the very first time that the bride-to-be has actually crossed the threshold of a nail hair salon. The opportunity so that you can get a customer that is new life therefore how can you go about making certain your nail studio is totally ‘bride friendly’? Review our tips to discover!


  1. Learn all about bridal nails

Your first faltering step of course is to make sure you know very well what bridal nails are actually. Do you want to offer a manicure that is French is you going to select one thing a bit more extravagant? Will you go for semi-permanent nail enamel and on occasion even better will you choose gel nails for your unique customer? The ProNailsBridal Nails nail art workshop teaches you all the guidelines of the trade for generating beautiful bridal fingernails. You will find all types of romantic styles so that you can carry on to create personalized elegant looks for your customers. No two brides are the same of course, meaning no two units of bridal finger nails should be identical often.

  1. Make your site wedding ceremony evidence

Ensure that your nail studio is wedding friendly both online because well as traditional. Utilize texts that are special your website and social networking and then make yes you include top-quality visuals and photographs. A nail hair salon which provides bridal nails must exude an air of elegance, expertise and reliability. One element this is certainly extremely important if you are to achieve this is by using top-quality visuals. Your web existence can be your business card and clients often have a online that is peep deciding which nail salon they’ll entrust their valuable arms to.

We want to make things as easy as possible for your needs at Pro-Nails, click on this link to grab various appealing visuals which you can use on your social media and/or your internet site! (TIP: click on the image right mouse click and image that is save


  1. Become best friends help by the bride

You certainly will result in the most useful impression in your salon by making yes you pamper the bride-to-be. Give her a treatment that is exclusive treats her up to a cup of wine. Offer her a  bit additional such as  a rebate on  a pedicure before she continues her vacation, or even a discount if her bridesmaids also come to your salon so that they additionally look absolutely tip-top when it comes to event. The Reason Why? A happy customer is a buyer who will keep coming back repeatedly. To motivate this, advise building a second appointment immediately following the wedding ceremony, to enable you to make any modifications and tidy-up her finger nails instantly before things escape hand.


  1. Propose a take-in discussion

You can discuss your customers’ needs, they will be much more inclined to follow-up with an appointment if you offer a preparatory appointment during which. It gives them the effect that they’re building a free option as they are maybe not dedicated to one nail salon that is specific. Around 90% of brides choose to possess a French manicure, but there are a lot of alternatives when it comes to manicures. Throughout your initial discussion (take-in discussion) you’ll talk to your consumer about the different colors that may look most readily useful together with her bridal outfit and you will also provide her some trial finger nails. This will enhance your likelihood of acquiring yet another fully pleased buyer.


TIP! Set up a total package for brides-to-be with one all-inclusive cost that covers the take-in discussion, the bridal finger nails and a bridal pedicure as an example

  1. Place your nail hair salon in the chart

You can do this by networking with wedding planners, florists and hairdressing salons that provide bridal hairstyles. Ask if you can leave a company card, a brochure or flyer behind and in return you can even send your visitors in their mind.

Share your projects on social media marketing and inquire your visitors to publish testimonials. Reviews are currently a really factor that is important clients in their decision-making process. They base themselves on these reviews when deciding which nail beauty salon they want to choose.

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Is Sclerotherapy good for you?

Spider veins, also called telangiectasias, get confused with often varicose veins, but there is however a difference. By meaning, varicose veins are bigger than spider veins, which are surface veins smaller than 1 mm. While varicose veins bulge out from the skin and cause swelling and discomfort, spider veins generally speaking are simply just an issue that is cosmetic. About 40 % of females and 25 percent of men experience spider veins at some point. The most frequent and best treatment is known as cosmetic sclerotherapy. Exactly What Is Aesthetic Sclerotherapy?

Aesthetic-sclerotherapy is a simply invasive-therapy in which a medical doctor for example an interventional-radiologist or a trained medical doctor assistant injects a special solution called a sclerosant into these spider veins. The veins seal shut, impeding blood flow to those particular veins. Alternatively, the blood moves to healthier veins into the area that is same of human body. The visibility reduces, and the vein ultimately disappears because there is no blood flow to the unsightly veins.

When Do You Want Treatment?

Spider veins happen for various reasons, a number of that is unknown. Genetics, injuries, little trauma that is repetitive varicose veins, and hormones can play a role in their development. The observable symptoms consist of visible purple, red, or veins that are blue often take place in a pattern similar to tree branching out or just like a spider, thus the name. They could cause mild itching but are often present without the pain or swelling.

Although therapy isn’t clinically necessary for many patients, many still would rather take action for visual reasons. Anyone with spider veins and general health that is good a candidate for the task. Unsuitable applicants include those who find themselves pregnant, have sensitivity to your solution, or have specific conditions which your doctor shall monitor for. What’s the Treatment Procedure? The procedure happens in a comfortable workplace establishing at the doctor’s workplace. The doctor identifies the troublesome veins, which might require the use of an ultrasound or specialized flashlights in some instances after an examination. A doctor or physician associate injects the medication cautiously into both the spider veins as well as the veins that lead to them using a needle that is tiny one which is much smaller compared to the conventional one used to draw blood. All of the spider veins that may be safely addressed are addressed at the visit. Nevertheless, you will need to possess several therapies having a six to twelve-week gap in between. The amount of treatments differs for various patients and it is in line with the true wide range of spider veins, the expectations of this patients, and whether new spider veins form. Although there is really a high success rate, spider veins do have a tendency to recur in a lot of patients.

What Is the Recovery Time?

Sclerotherapy treatment is just a minimally-invasive treatment with small to no peace and quiet. There isn’t any anesthesia, and that means you do not need to be concerned about any prospective problems of that. The side that is typical is minimal, such as irritation, inflammation, and discolored skin. You might experience bruising in the certain area where the doctor made the injection. Generally, there is no need for stockings afterwards & most individuals return to normal activities that are daily.

Because spider veins aren’t clinically required to treat, sclerotherapy is recognized as a procedure that is cosmetic. As such, insurance companies that are most do not cover it and re payment is out of pocket.

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Smoking Cuban-Cigars for Beginners

There’ll certainly come of time in physically an individual offer a cigar. It could be a birthday celebration, the birth of the son or daughter, advertising at the office or some similar life that is significant whereby you may like to toast the occasion by illuminating a cigar.

Some may drop the offer, perhaps because of the fact they aren’t yes on the do’s and don’ts of stogie smoking, but you should know that there is no right or wrong way to smoke a cigar before you turn the opportunity down. Just as long as you’re successfully pulling smoke into your mouth you can’t really go wrong.

However, prior to going smoking cigarettes, there are plenty of things to aspect in which could cause you to sabotage this extremely enjoyable experience. Don’t forget you can buy Cuban Cigars online as well.

Fear  not, right here you can find five things detailed that you ought to never ever do once you have found that Cuban:

Cutting your cigar

Cutting you is required by a cigar to cut the cap for the stogie so that you can produce enough of an opening to smoke cigarettes it without distorting the design regarding the cigar. Never make use of your teeth, scissors or perhaps a dull knife.


Lighting your cigar when you’re lighting your cigar, it is essential that you just take caution not to ever make use of petrol lighter to illuminate with. This is because the lighter fluid taints the flavor of your cigar. Butane fuel lighters or cigar matches will be the optimum option and certainly will provide the Cuban cigar wholesale smoking experience that is best.

Keeping your cigar

Forget what Hannibal ended up being doing into the A-Team, a cigar is never supposed to be held in the mouth area for very long periods of time. In reality, quite the opposite. It should be held in your hand and mentioned to your mouth only once you are prepared to smoke cigarettes it, then brought back down seriously to spend time betwixt your hands.

Smoking your cigar

Smoking a stogie varies from compared to smoking a typical tobacco cigarette or smoke that is hand-rolled. You must never inhale the smoke from your own cigar we mentioned previously as they are much stronger than the regular cigarettes. Alternatively, just take one puff and allow the smoke linger round your mouth, much like a swill of the fine wine in a wine glass, it back out whilst you pick up on the taste notes, then simply blow. Ensure so it has an even burn that you remember to rotate the Flor De Cano Cuban Cigar.

Drinking with your cigar

It should never ever also get across your brain to take into account dipping a final end of your cigar into alcoholic beverages for taste. If cigar organizations believed it was a good notion then they would have done it chances are as well as the idea would be much more common rehearse. Don’t over-complicate things; just enjoy a strong alcoholic drink with your Fonseca Cuban cigar on the side.

Keep your Toes Clean and Happy

One of the best things of a luxurious spa treatment is having a pedicure. You get to just stay straight back, relax while having a professional makes your feet

One of the better reasons for a luxurious spa therapy is having a pedicure. You receive to simply stay straight back, relax and have a professional make your feet look their very most useful. And while that is fantastic and all sorts of, who is able to afford to sock the spa often enough to help keep your own feet happy all the time?

A fancy spa treatment is something, but what about the day-to-day process of cleaning your feet? While you try to reach down and wash the other one if you take showers, you know you end up dancing around on one foot. For most people, this can result in a painful fall. Even invest the baths, it may be difficult for some individuals to reach most of the way down and clean their foot. So exactly what are you to complete?

It’s easy for you to use hand and wash your feet, How Does It Work?

It’s simply to clean your feet while massaging them as well. At first, it looks like a strange sandal with bristle coming out of it every which way. But actually, it’s so much easier than that.

To start uses no slip cups to allow it to stick to any surface. You can place it on your shower floor, the side of your tub, or even on the wall.

For example you decide to a pedicure polish on your shower floor. You just stick your foot in and slide it back and forth on the bristles to get your feet cleaner than they have ever been before when you hop in to take a shower.

The Cleaning Process

At Boudoir Nail Bar in San Diego, the cleaning procedure works simultaneously in many other ways. For beginners, the base of a pedicure product has bristles all over it to really get in there and clean your feet. The bristles at the front are extra very long so that you may also clean between your toes! In the event that you are used to simply cleaning your own feet in the shower, you know you are able to only balance using one foot for so long. Most about the right time, your feet are getting ignored.

To increase the cleaning process, the top section of pedicure polish oil has little holes in it. That way you can simply drizzle some soap that is liquid through the top and get it all over your feet. pedicure polish liquids even has extra bristles coming down from the most effective so you can clean the tops of your own  feet as well!

A Spa in Your Shower

The great thing about pedicure liquids is that it doesn’t just keep legs nice and clean. It feels great to utilize it too! This is partially as a result of the over 1,000 bristles that massage and clean your feet.

But that’s not all. Even has a pumice stone built right in to the back for the product? Can you suffer from cracked, rough heels? With any pedicure liquid, you can easily give yourself a manicure right in your extremely own shower or tub.

how you can Create a Hair Salon Culture

Listed here is a four-step intend to produce the tradition you have always wanted in your salon:

  1. Define it: Define precisely what and the way you want your culture to look and function in each one of the Four Business Outcomes. For example, define the reasoning and behaviors you want all workers to share in the Productivity Outcome. It may be getting to focus on time for day-to-day huddle, working within service time standards and rebook all clients. To operate a vehicle efficiency price, it may be all employees using responsibility for every single hour the hair salon has available for sale. Key: Once you define the gap, the step that is next to design and build the bridge to cross it. Just remember, it took years for the gap to evolve and it does take time to build a culture with the capacity of closing it.
  2. Commit to it: that is where owners that is too many. You-know-what you don’t like and want in your hair salon in La Jolla. You realize it needs to alter. However you also know that change is tough and pushes everybody else from their comfort areas. We come across this all the right time in coaching where owners are given the perfect solution is and invite their concerns to have in how. It is no different than a overweight person beginning a diet and program in which the journey to raised wellness is just a lengthy and daunting one. Key: frontrunners must always commit to change very first. You’ve always dreamed of having in your company; commit 100 percent to the process if you truly want that culture. Committing 90 per cent renders you 10 % wiggle area to quit.
  3. Lead it: To efficiently lead your company’s shift to the right culture, you will need to allocate sufficient time to lead. I ended up being having a coaching conversation with an owner on this extremely subject whom was preparing on devoting one day a week to leadership. That’s eight hours out of an entire week’s working hours for leadership in a salon/spa doing $1.6 million in revenue. It’s impossible to deliver the awareness of detail, training and one-on-one coaching in a business that size in eight hours a week. The culture shift is doomed before it starts. My instructions were easy; “If you truly want to get your culture right, your focus must be 90+ percent on leading your group up to a better destination.” Key: salon owners that are most massively underestimate their leadership part and responsibilities. Creating the right culture is the product of leadership.
  4. Be accountable to it: the absolute most frequently asked question in the annals of leadership is, “How many times have you got to let them know?” And the answer is always, “it and it sticks. until they get” Accountability keeps your commitment in check. Accountability to reaching the culture that is right taking your team to a better place delivers an effective message to your team that claims, “We’re going the length.” Additionally communicates you will make the necessary and decisions that are tough get there. Key: Accountability isn’t bad word. In fact, being accountable to what you think builds respect and trust in you as a leader. Accountability also means fairness that everyone else is held to the rules that are same requirements.

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Varicose-Vein Treatment and Recovery Time

Varicose veins are an issue which may be considerably more easily managed and treated today compared to years past. Patients have a number of therapies to pick from. One of several main goals of this consulting process is to measure the severity of venous insufficiency and talk about the most appropriate method of care. An essential facet of treatment planning understands what happens after the selected span of therapy. Two traditional treatments for varicose veins utilized today are ambulatory phlebectomy and endovenous laser facial treatment. Here, we take a good look at what recovery seems like for both.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy and Endovenous Laser Therapy

Treatment for varicose veins both phlebectomy that is ambulatory endovenous laser therapy is typically no more than an hour. In such instances, treatment will be conducted into  the working workplace or certified surgery center. You will find cases where  a longer surgery is necessary. This may require a stay that is overnight equivalent hospital as the surgery.

We encourage patients who undergo an outpatient procedure for varicose veins to invest the remaining component of their surgery time resting. Sensation such as mild stinging or burning may develop as anesthetic reduces, however comfort must certainly be simple and easy to maintain with over the counter drugs.

Tips for Recovery

On the list of relevant steps in recovery from varicose vein treatment may be  the wear that is routine of stockings. You ought to wear these garments at all times for the very first few days after surgery. They can be taken by you off before sleep and before bathing. We also encourage patients to go regularly to be able to market good circulation through the extremities that require the nutritional elements and air delivered via  the bloodstream.

Timing and comfort are two associated with primary questions that patients have just before vein treatment, and lots of also want to understand when they will be able to resume their normal exercise program. Inactivity can lead to venous insufficiency, but an excessive amount of activity too soon after vein treatment might inhibit healing. For the first couple of weeks after ambulatory phlebectomy or even endovenous laser facial treatment, among the best things an individual may do is walk. Long walks aren’t a necessity; just a couple of hundred yards once or twice every single day promotes circulation for a healthy and balanced recovery. For more information about varicose vein treatment including sclerotherapy visit:

The reason why Getting Your Car Smogged is Important

Our cars needs care and maintenance, the way that are human food and water to stay alive. Similarly, our cars need a checkup that is proper order to live much longer. Having a neighborhood fix shop that you utilize over and over repeatedly is strongly suggested. Why? The solution to this relevant question is very easy. First of all, since you might be visiting that auto repair center for the very long time now every mechanic here understands you well. The mechanic is just like a doctor of your car. He or she’s got worked on your car and it is familiar with what’s been done to it and what it takes. This getting used to also help a trusting is built by your relationship utilizing the store and the employees. They always supply the best, most truthful options that your car needs knowing you might be a customer that is loyal.

Many of us love our cars like it really is our very own baby. So, you try to look for the best person that knows everything about fixing the car. That person should be the someone to check it; you don’t trust your baby to simply anyone!  In place of likely to a shop where you have actually never been prior to, with mechanics that don’t know you or what’s under your hood, stick with what you realize become good. Automobile repair isn’t pretty much cost. You want to do what’s most readily useful for your vehicle therefore it’s safe and you may be sure the mechanic that worked about it cares about your safety as well.  Therefore, it is usually easier to go to the mechanic that is professional knows everything about your vehicle. Trying a new shop having a discount or promotional offer for smog testing in Santee might be tempting when your wallet is nearly empty but  in the long run it likely is not the option that is cheapest. Always likely to your neighborhood auto repair shop ensures you know the job is done appropriate and done in a timely manner by people you trust.

Being a customer that is loyal its perks. Not only do you receive customer that is stellar but you also get loyalty perks.  Business reside off of referrals and perform customers.  It and appreciates it when you are a loyal customer the shop knows.  The owners and mechanics will want to earn the trust associated with the consumer at any cost. They need to ensure that the consumer is pleased with the work so they come back. The auto mechanic and shop owners are able to talk openly to the client about the vehicle once they know you. It’s a win situation; you the customer feel better about the shop and services provided and the shop owner feels valued, trusted, and responsible to perform some most readily useful job possible during the most useful price feasible to win your business over again and once again when it comes to smog testing.

These things matter a complete lot when you need to gain the attention, trust, and loyalty of a person. Creating a relationship with a local auto mechanic or auto mechanic shop is the way that is best to make sure your vehicle is being taken care of and are also you! For more information about vehicle registration and smog check visit:

Doctor, Urgent Care, or Emergency Room? What type is best for your needs?

With regards to obtaining medical assistance, it could be tough to determine which places will most readily useful meet your requirements. Between your, physician’s office, urgent care centers, and other places, exactly how tend to be clients supposed to know which will be most readily useful? Here’s a quick help guide to help you pick the best urgent care in San Diego.

Urgent Care Clinics:

urgent care centers have the scope of support to deal with a wide array of health problems and afflictions. They’re known for their short wait times: in accordance with a survey by The Urgent Care Association of America, 57% of customers wait a quarter-hour or less to be noticed, and about 80% of most visits are 60 mins or less. When you have an injury or infection that is not severe, a care that is urgent are ideal for you. Plus, they’re a great deal more inexpensive than other treatment that is medical. The typical disaster department see expenses an average of $1,500, while therapy at an urgent attention expenses, an average of, under $150.

Emergency Rooms:

Crisis spaces are generally treated like a one-size-fits all solution, which has both positive and bad ramifications. A crisis area has got  the scope that is widest of medical help, but wait times could be excruciatingly very long in case the injury isn’t considered severe enough. claims, “ERs typically treat men and women if you wish of extent of these situation, perhaps not by when they arrive. There were a lot more than 119 million ER visits in the U.S. in 2006, the year that is last which discover national data. That’s nearly a one-third enhance over 1995. Experts attribute the growth to some extent towards the national country’s growing population of the elderly and nationwide shortages of doctors and nurses.”

Doctor’s Offices:

Although the hours of accessibility tend to be far more limited, your major Doctor’s Offices is still a viable therapy choice. Just 29% of major care doctors have after-hours coverage, but them and you can manage to get an appointment, you’re all set if yours is one. Don’t forget to carry any required paperwork such as ID and lists of symptoms, allergies, and existing medications, even though the doctor may currently have all of them on file.

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